12 Top-rated auto plant

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The overall customer satisfaction for all new car manufacturers rose by 3.8 percent to 82 percent compared with 2015 in the US Consumer Satisfaction Index. It takes the automobile class to the top of ACSI’s consumer satisfaction charts, leading TV and video players and credit unions. It resulted in a 3 year decline in customer satisfaction.

Better still, there are significant changes. Of 24 ACSI firms, 16 increased customer service and only 5 decreased. This year’s results were tracked. However, the satisfactions are almost identical for American , Asian and European vehicles.

Obviously, space for improvement is always open. Although the efficiency, trustworttiveness and exterior styling seemed especially pleasing to customers, the gas miles and warranties were least satisfied.

Take a peek at our gallery to see where consumer loyalty was reached for all 24 car brands listed in ACSI ‘s 2016 Car Survey.

12: Acura

Acura was badly stumbled from second place last year to dead last year. Today , the company is the lowest rated Japanese brand in the 2016 US Customer Satisfaction Index with a score of 76. The organization saw its previous score of 83 dropping 8 percent.

An identity crisis has already struck Acura and the brand has not been helped by a decline in satisfaction. Nonetheless, given the strides made by Honda, a business parent, turning things around should not be too difficult for the group.

11: Volkswagen

In a 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Survey, Volkswagen dropped 2 points to a score of 78. Given the fact that the German vehicle manufacturer has taken over the diesel emissions crisis, customer satisfaction should not be alarming to see the decline. What’s shocking is that one company is still able to score better.

10: Jeep

Jeep increase their ranking by 3 points for Dodge by 78 in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. It’s all on the board in sixth, sadly for Jeep.

9: Dodge

Dodge was 78 points in 2016 , an increase of two points, on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. But that’s only enough to get one spot up on the board and it’s not the Fiat Chrysler brand.

8: Mitsubishi

The US Customer Satisfaction Index also shows Mitsubishi weak among Japanese automakers. Nonetheless, by 2 points the result was increased to 79 and its ranking was retained at 21.

7: Kia

This year, Kia ranked up to 79 on the 2016 US Customer Satisfaction Index. This rise of one single point also leaves Kia behind Hyundai, his business brother.

6: Chrysler

The American Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2016 ranged from 74 to 79 Chrysler made a major increase in satisfaction. This can still leave a below average score for the product, but it’s much better than last year.

5: Cadillac

Cadillac “The World Standard” is now below average according to the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index. This year, Cadillac fell to 79 average points last year, but progress in other companies averaged 82.

4: Buick

Buick secured the 17th spot with a score of 79 on the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index. This reflects a small decrease as the company scored 80, compared to last year.

3: Nissan

Since last year, Nissan succeeded in reversed its downturn. Nissan scored three points for a ranking of 80 in the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Report.

2: Mazda

In the American Customer Satisfaction Index last year Mazda was well above the average, but other automakers’ large profits have risen to 82 on average. This year Mazda dropped just under the average score of 80

1: Mercedes-Benz

Since last year, Mercedes started to fall in satisfaction. In the American Customer Satisfaction Index last year the company fell by 3.5 percent, and this year it fell again by 2 percent to 81. This makes Mercedes the German luxury brand that is least pleased.