10 Strange And Beautiful Motorcycle

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Just face it – some designs of the motorcycles are clearly weird. It is safe to say that a motorcycle rider’s design preferences differ widely, and each has their own style in relation to their own mode of transport. This is especially true as motorcycles now exist in one form or another for more than a hundred years. I’m positive people who lived before, that some of these past bikes looked strange too.

Almost everyone can build their own motorcycle with so many technical advances today. Using old-school metals or the most advanced resins to create an engine as special as yourself. You can bend, sweat and mold your dream bike, or you can make one custom made by the maker. But don’t get too upset if anyone says your dream motorcycle looks weird. Perhaps they didn’t foresee rearview mirrors shaped like the Bugs Bunny. And a blinking, hairy taillight.

It doesn’t really make any difference, whether you’re the Tron-Bike type or lean toward a Hamburg Harley. Indeed, human decisions are the bane of the life of a motorcycle. This is essentially your individual comment, from the rearview mirrors, literally cameras, to messaging backlights. And whether it is a good thing, believe it or not. Strange has no meaning “evil,” although it may mean just that in many cases.Look at 20 odd bikes from the corner bicycle shop to the other part of our world.

10 Johammer Electric Bike Ill Pay That Utility Bill

As I characterize the Johammer Electric Bike, “strangely unorthodox.” Nothing is normal for a motorcycle, including an electric one, from the fastener to the front wheel. It reminds me of a bugged and petrified cheval with a blanket. In any case, places such as Tree-Hugger just love it.

If you’ve got all packed, the Johammer is 124 miles long, which is sufficient to get most people where they need to be.

It is limited to a maximum speed of 75 mi / h electronically, but that is just suitable for most people in this market. Moreover, the Johammer should give you years of booting pleasure with its all aluminum and polypropylene frame.

9 Vetter Streamliner – The Classic That Became an Industry Standard

Craig Vetter is someone you’d call a genius. One look at his Vetter Streamliner will say about any person on his motorcycle. I’ll describe this to you if you’re a newbie motorcycle. Second, the method of “scaling” items is the specialty of Vetter. He loves making items less cold resistant. The magazine Motorsport says that the very first motorbike “Cruiser” series was attributed to its 1969 concept. Around the moment, it surprised both business and men. The Windjammer fairing was then introduced to the market by Vetter in 1980. It’s all changed.

Each motorcycle manufacturer now has this fairing target because of the obvious protection and wind blocking features.

8 Flying Millyard V-10- Homemade Is The Best

It’s a huge motorcycle in your face. The rolling art work, built by Allen Millyard, uses the ultimate power with the 8.0 liter Viper V-10 engine. The tall, beefy cycle can hit more than 200 mph with 500 hp on tap. Durin a Motorcycle News interview, Millyard says he thinks he can get the V-10 to get a little faster. Millyard enjoys taking his works to various cycling events to test the reaction of people to his cycling. If he gets a chance, he drives the Viper. Given the chance, I ‘m sure that almost everybody would like to take this beast out for a spin.

7 Tron Light Cycle It Doesnt Get Better Than This

A slice of heaven for $55,000? Maybe not Heaven, but for this price you might get one of ten Tron Light Cycles. On the Jalopnik blog, Jeff Halverson of the Parker Brothers Choppers told them that the 474-pound cycle is as close as you can get to the film process. Everyone accept, including Collider, a film review website. For a steel frame, Suzuki’s TRL1000 V-twin engine is nice to use, with a power of 135 hp and a power of 78 lb-ft. The price seems to be a real deal, in fact, since, according to a Cnet article, the original Disney reboot was selling $77,000.

6 Predator Bike I Wonder If It Has a Cloak?

We certainly would be riding this beast if we were one of those killer aliens from movies. We’dn’t even try to cover it up. Only look at the detail that Suzuki Hayabusa was given by his owner in 2007. Nocarnofun says the bicycle is almost stock below. The New Jersey Pitstop Motors customized this monster. Tech website i09 tells us that on the first trip even the proprietor got some traffic tickets because the traffic from the other drivers came from his bike to the ramps. We believe the cloak could have been in handy.

5 Suzuki Biplane Take It For A Test Flight

Suzuki knows precisely how to make a lovely bike. According to Autoblog, they designed the Biplane in order that the driver would feel like in a true open-talk vehicle. I assume that they sensationally pulled the concept off.

Suzuki says the design has been influenced heavily by the biplane Wright Brothers. At the Motors-Bay location, the bike is powered by a 100 ccm V-engine with a prop shaft transmission in the longitudinal direction.

The fantastic gold painting scheme helps the modern design to make the biplane almost Liquid. The seat tends to be suspended from air and contributes to the overall design.

4 Bohmerland Three-Seater – Always Room For One More

When riding in the Bohmerland Three Seater, nobody will ever feel left out. When they built this wonderful motorcycle, Bohmerland recognized the importance of friendship. He mentioned in Doug Self that Albin Liebisch was made in 1935 by the bike. A four-seater version of the Bohmerland was also produced, believe it or not.

If you happen to be in the area, according to the Czech.cz website, the Czech Republic has an annual Bohmerland Riders Event. The three-seater has not a lot of suspension, so it’s more about being your mates there. Moreover you can add a side car to it to bring additional friends. A true “buddy cyclist.”

3  Tryton MM2 Wow!

And I truly mean “wow.” Daft Punk’s riding gear is the only thing missing from this masterpiece. Magazine Rare Delights claims this all-electric beauty has a range of 132 km for one charge.

With its all-carbon frame, it weighs just an impressive 215 lbs. It was designed by Vil “E-Vil” Tsimenzin, a Boston-based artist.

The ultra-light system allows the driver to travel from 0-100 in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of just over 160 mi / h. And charges with a 120 volt power source within just 2.5 hours. This motorcycle I’m very lustful for.

2 Sprint Beemer – Rocket For One

The uniquely strange Sprint Beemer comes from the sickest minds of Lucky Cat Garage. The heavily modified BMW design is designed from the back, according to SIlodrome. True history. Real facts. It has an Edelweiss Motorsport’s highly tuned ’78 R100RS engine.

It also includes an integrated custom NOS kit, which makes it at least 25% quicker than the stock engine, the already rocket-like Sprintbeemer says.

The Sprintbeemer is a real bike of the century because of its 1950s and 1960s axle, motor of the 1970s and gearbox of the 1990s.

1 The Scamper Camping With Style

It can’t be that quick to combine a camper on a motorcycle chassis, but the result is impressive. The “Scamper” made by Calfornia Gogo Cycles is a tribute to motorists who want to camp but don’t want to risk freedom on their motorcycles.

Every year for consumers , the company produces some special camping frames and this is one of its first products. This is really the best of both worlds, I must admit.