8 Weirdest Things People Did To Their Cars

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You might have chanced to see some very strange sights throughout your years looking at cars and see them day by day, but I’ll guess that many of them aren’t as strange as what I’m going to show. I say, some of the strangest cars are. And they were not so much odd cars at the beginning. Some of these cars started as ordinary and heavy, but somebody had to do the strangest things for them.

For example, I never saw a VW Beetle wrapped around by a gigantic lobster. And I’m not talking like a wrap of a car … I mean a huge model lobster hugging essentially the vehicle. Okay, messed up? Nonetheless, I think so. Or what about a Dodge Viper and turning it into a convertible stretch? Isn’t Viper’s point quick and sexy? Many people have very peculiar ways of thought.

When you look at it, all the cars below have done very odd things for them, from the very weird to the basic “what the tail.” I would like to share them with you so that, of course, you can laugh. Yet now you can’t even know how strange the real world is. The people who made these crazy stuff still happen … note the next time you want your car to do some work …

8 Upside Right Side Down

Until you dismiss this as a straightaway easy ride, look carefully. In fact, this is a proper driving vehicle with a pickup façade. Why would anybody do that? Personally I can tell you that I don’t have a goddamn feeling. However, I bet that when a car owner goes up to the gas station, it really confuses people. People need to think about a question immediately before they continue to laugh at this car’s pure ridicule. And while this is a fun idea, I can only imagine that it will be a very difficult time for the person driving this stuff.

I say the “hood” rises so high that the underside of a truck’s front end is shown that it partly covers the windshield. There’s not that much that’s capable of seeing near the car door. The “stufen” to the set doors often render the view on the driver somewhat obscure. I mean, every so often I can see that being a fun thing driving strange people around, but … I guess when it rains, it can’t go anywhere.

7 High Ride Jeep Scissor Lift

Welcome everybody to Jeep Highrider ‘s wide whacky universe. Yeah, that’s a problem. I don’t know yet what it is, but there’s a jeep that twice lifts like a scissor. What I feel about this I’m not quite sure. Now, of course, Jeep did not release this Highrider Sport version to destroy. This vehicle is not even the responsibility of Jeep. What I hope all of you immediately realized.

I must admit, however, that he who changed this jeep on the basis of the Highrider is wonderfully smart. It’s all important because it’s now a scissor lift and now actually is a high runner.

It’s pretty hilarious and gorgeous, I think. I think it’s also very strange, and anyone who designed or modified this Jeep has loosened some screws upstairs. That means, one would hope that in this Jeep Highrider Sport there are no loose screws. However, if anyone tries to scissors raise the car, there could be a weeks accident. But it is a rather unusual idea, but this isn’t a realistic vehicle by the degree of the imagination.

6 The Toy Car

This … is something beyond me. This … I always called this a working car the toy car. Not because it’s a toy car itself, but because it ‘s fully packed with toys, as I’m sure you found. The car’s made is so covered with toys that a magnetic toy lettering is added to the grille, and so is the license plate which says ‘license’ in the lettering.

I don’t know, but I’m prepared to bet this project took a pretty high price to complete. I don’t know.

And I hate to be the rational thinker here when we are thinking about something so blurry, crazy and weird. I mean, this is just a court waiting, no? I can just imagine one of Duplo ‘s pieces or one of the many giraffe toys that hit the car behind him and fly away. There would be some trouble if the person behind him is able to read his license plate. I can’t imagine, too, how much insurance is for such a insane thing. It’s a tire responsibility!

5 Half Car, Half Ridiculous

Cars are on the table here, I’m not sure what the front end of this ‘car’ is all about. It looks like one of the painting machines the construction teams use to mark certain parts of the road, but surely it doesn’t look like the front end of a car regardless of the truth. And my mind is boggling. I mean, maybe the car’s owner has lost somehow the front of the car during an accident, or maybe he was robbed (somehow) or maybe just really smart and can turn a half junk car into a kind of working, small motor-type, vehicle.

That can be done entirely. But even though he is a poor person who is clever with a junker, he still doesn’t stop the truth. And oh, that’s many, many times wearier, if this guy just knocked and stripped the front end of the car just to create the odd inconsistency. I can’t imagine how long it took, or what went through them that day, when they did it deliberately for a vehicle.

4 Ruined Paint Job And A Ticket On The Way

Sure, it’s not like a surprise hack job or an strange change of the vehicle, to be honest here. Yet it’s definitely always a really odd thing to do with a car. I may also also note, just as it is a matter of protection for duct tape, that most of the duct tape lies above the man wrapped on the back of the car, so I agree that most of the tape should be lower than it, to protect his body completely.

If the following tape begins to give way, how much tape it is above won’t matter. But it is hardly relevant here because these people were stupid enough first of all to do this.

 There are, however, some explanations why this is really weird and/or dumb. The main explanation is that the protection of the human being taped at the back of a van has been stated already. The second is linked to the unnecessary pain the van would possibly suffer. It bothers me and is not a nice van! It’s the amount of paint that is likely to be created by this van with the amount of canal tape.

3 The Stretch Viper

In reality it hurts me a little inside … It really hurts me a lot. A sexy car is Dodge Viper. Or it is expected to be, at least. And it should sound mean and go quickly. Why in the world does it look mean and scream all over the streets if it is so strangely extended? Through doing a shoddy Viper stretch, you literally destroy all you want when you drive a Viper. I ‘d be closer to tears if I weren’t such a Mustang fan anyway. Yet for this sad, unfortunate Viper I’m still a little bit blind-eyed. Was it just dry constantly where this car is driven? Was there just no chance at all for rain? I know Viper would have a cover for himself, but what about the stretch? Even if there was one it doesn’t look like a cover or fittings. And what does the party do when they get soaked in the ludicrous strip of Viper? It hurts me to write those words together. In fact. Viper stretch … Oh, my heart. I can no longer live with it.

2 Pikachu

Where I will continue with this one, I don’t even know. The Pokemon craze is so bloody I ‘m exhausted that I almost didn’t place the car on the list. Yet I feel like I’d deceive you ‘re readers if I didn’t bring it here. But it’s so strange to your car. Where do I start now? Okay, this is a Pikachu car first and foremost.

This concept only calls for vandalism from men. Now, I’m not forgiving a Pikachu car for vandalizing. I am not being accused of causing harm to such a vehicle. Yet I’m going to presume this car’s owner is sort of wondering.

Yeah, I mean, Pokemon GO players didn’t think anyone would mug them, luring them to catch a Pokemon, but that was actually done. So driving the city in a Pikachu car would draw the least unwanted attention. I say, look at the hubcaps of the Pokeball. Or the red patches at the car’s front end. And feet! And legs! Yeah, my. My, my. You can even see the lightning-bolt tail of the jacket on the ass ‘s end of your car if you look closely.

1 Leopard Lambo Exhaust

Okay, for a second or two, I’ll take a deep breath here before I dive straight into it. Some stuff in this Lambo are a little more than strange. I can’t help but remember first of all that the entire car is printed in leopard. That’s all stupid. I’m not really interested in who you are or how much you are making money. And I never would have the money to make such a mistake, but I still can guarantee that this is a dumb mistake, very obviously. And the odd color of rust that was chosen for the leopard ‘s basic color was just, well, as I said. Strange.

And with this car there is the greatest and most glaring question. I ‘m looking at the exhaust on this car-if you have n’t noticed what’s going on already. I want to say here and now that Lambo’s dual exhaust is bigger than myself. And there doesn’t seem to be even any sort of brace. This is, I guess, a very odd, abstract Lambo edition. And we can only hope that the exhaust pipes will only come down as the car speeds away.