The 10 Most Outrageous Car Modifications

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When it comes to modificing their beloved vehicles, the creativity of car owners doesn’t appear to end. Although many people make improvements to their cars, including rims, spoilers and sunroofs, some of them take improvements or, in short, the extremes of “wear.” And over the years this has produced some truly spectacular and scandalous vehicles. Some of the most extreme mods of cars must be trusted. Below are 11 of the most ridiculous car changes to blow off your socks.

10. Smart Car Turner Tank :

What says smart cars are wicked? Certainly not the Smart Car owner who converted the car into a practical tank with complete tank roads, treads, a coating of paint and interior design with radar and communication equipment for military purposes. Perfect for a city night or storms through farmland should a war break out as you dine with another human.

9. Alien Chrysler :

Together with the sequel to Aliens directed by James Cameron, Alien is one of the greatest science-fiction films of all period. And we know there’s a lot of dead core fans out there who don’t be afraid to show their dedication to the films. Yet this revamped Chrysler offers a whole new level of fan worship. This ode to Alien ‘s imagination, elegance and impressivity demonstrates how much fandom is to be achieved in creative design. Why will the children be frightened?

8. Snake Bus :

If getting the attention of pedestrians and passersby is the goal, then this snake bus wins—hands down. An advertisement for the snake exhibit at a local zoo, this bus gets points for execution and style. A Boa Constrictor crushing a bus. How cool is that? And who could pass this bus without taking a second look? Not many people who have their sight intact, we would venture to guess. We would love to know how long this mod took and who the artist is that is responsible for it. Whatever the zoo in question paid for this bit of advertising ingenuity, it was certainly worth it.

7. Gold Camaro :

The bigger is very better for many mod enthusiasts. And the perfect example is here. Test this Camaro gold coloured with large wheels and silver rims. Click here. It is recognized that this form of modification creates a “donk car” that is the term for fitting the greatest wheels into a car’s frame. You look at cast 30-inch wheels in this Camaro. The gold color makes the car stand out and really “rock” everywhere. Donk car fans should be proud of the production.

6. Hum mer Tank :

You already saw the turned tank of the Smart Car, but you could see this turned tank by Hummer on four small tank paths positioned carefully. The reality is that it is a Hummer if any car is turned into a tank. The vehicle is essentially a household suburban tank, right? It looks as though it’s made. And the fascinating thing about the mod. Look closely, and these tank tracks almost seem to have been specially built and made for the Hummer. Fit for the ultimate off-road trip or for intimidation at the nearby Costco car park

5. Super Speakers :

We ‘d be risking assuming that the first car mods started with teenagers seeking to enlarge their car’s sound system. And who knew of us a kid who fooled his car with extra speakers, subwoofers and electronic equalizer in high school? But this mod brings a new and frightening level of the amped car stereo. The speakers seemed like something from Mad Max’s latest film. Surprisingly enough, the speakers also point out that they are intended to blast other cars off the road literally. We wonder how the car’s bass sounds and if it’s legally sour to the owner?

4. Volkswagen Beetle Turned Mutant Turtle :

Obviously, anyone who built this mod has an idea of turtles. Although it was never known as one of the fastest vehicles on the track, we hardly would identify the Volkswagen Beetle as a Turtle. The owner of this VW bug however took a long time to transform it into a tortoise that was bigger than life. I wonder why it’s practically useless. Best to just stand up and admire the time and work of art that went into this incredible style. Seek to imagine the tortoise on a highway passing you. Oddly!

3. Giant Muffler :

This bad guy seems to be an ad for Meineke’s car repair chain, bringing it to a whole new level. However, it is still an unbelievable way to pay attention. Literally, after all, this car has become a giant stupid guy. And while it really looks like a large muffler, can’t we help but wonder why? Yeah, for Meineke, we know it’s trying to make profit. Nonetheless, we think the silverware is so large that the Meineke logo is blurred. Can the Meineke sticks or banners not have been better? Most drivers who see this think that the owner is a weirdo, isn’t it? If you have something to do with big mufflers, of course.

2. Upside Down Car :

This car takes a cake to be completely ridiculous. Modified to work in a bottom-up role, the car is not only going to turn its heads but may also trigger some cardiovascular attacks. It’s especially interesting that the car seems to be used to drive around a track – and win! Falsehood. We stopped asking why at this stage, but it is fun to see how this mod was removed. The fact that the car probably had to be suspended upside down while the model was being undertaken was not only the hours of business. Unrest to represent, definitely.

1. High Heel Shoe Motorcycle :

We suppose it’s a motorcycle at some point. Where and why a red high-heel shoe has been changed confuses the mind. It remains a tiny wonder that it acts as a tool in every way. Nonetheless, it is quite stylish and proportional – an fascinating if completely insane move. Definitely worth a second glance and an eye catcher. You can only guess the hours of work that must have spent in this mod. We hope there is only one fortunate lady somewhere who can appreciate this kind of care to the specifics in such a large pair.